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Next Gen Creature Creation [LIVE COURSE]

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Registration Starts On
Wednesday, Dec 20th 2017
Class Begins On
February 18, 2018 | 8 -12 AM (PST)
Jason Martin
Lead Character Artist

Jason Martin, an accomplished military veteran, collected a set of habbits that have helped him develop the communication skills and leadership that have supported his journey from art student to Character Art Director at Id Software of Dallas, Texas on the recently released Doom!. Having started out at Blur Studios in Venice working on some of the industries top titles Jason believes that dedication, consistency, and inspiration are some of the key factors that build success.

He spends his time balancing those principles both at studio among his peers and at home fulfilling the job of a good husband and dad.wink

Course Description

Create fantasy-based bipedal creature in some form of armor. This process will cover all aspects of game character creation and implementation.

Subject matter:

Really anything goes! The name of the game is to be creative as possible. Remember our goal here is to create interesting and memorable characters. You can pick a multitude of directions: stylized, realism, fantasy, sci-fi, the choice is yours. Imagine a demented flying monkey from another realm or a peace keeping majestic alien on a mission from another universe. The possibilities are endless! If you are uncomfortable with coming up with your own idea, don't fret. It's perfectly fine to pick any piece of concept art within our parameters to base your model off of.

Software usage:

Any major 3d package (3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Modo etc…) Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter,
Marmoset. Other packages may or may not be used depending on course needs

Course Outline


- Go over course expectations and goals

- Finding reference and inspiration and building a board

- Loose ideation zbrush sketching and blockout


Zbrush modeling, Continuation of Blockout and design, finding the shapes and form


Zbrush modeling , Refining design splitting out elements and focusing in on first, second reads


- Instructor off week/ Student workweek

- optional Demo Reel Review


Zbrush modeling , Refining Hipoly and focusing in on second and third reads.


- Finalizing Zbrush model and prepping for retopology

- Retopology, unwrap and bake


- Texturing techniques/ texturing

- Discussing materials and surfaces

- Pulling from reference


- Instructor off week/ Student workweek

- optional Demo Reel Review


- Finalize texturing

- Posing and composition


- Finalize model

- Posing and composition

- Critique